Public Speaking 4- Week Class


Location- 300 S. Bennett St. Seattle, WA 98108

Here is what you will learn:

  • How to create dynamic and riveting presentations, from the idea to the execution.
  • Power Point Tips- Ways to enhance rather than detract from the presentation
  • How to effectively engage with tech elements- microphone, screens, teleprompters etc
  • Body movement, eye contact and audience engagement
  • Rehearsal tips, combating stage fright, what to wear and much more!


About the instructor:

Marianna comes to public speaking and presentation coaching from a unique background. Originally from Wellesley, Massachusetts, she received her BA in Theatre and German Studies from St. Louis University. She was granted a Teaching Fulbright to Austria, where she taught English and performed on stage for 5 years before moving to Seattle to pursue her graduate work. She holds an MFA in Performance from the University of Washington, and actively incorporates her love of language, speech and voice work into her coaching.  Marianna lives in Kirkland with her husband, Agastya Kohli.

She has coached presenters at various Microsoft conferences, including Tech Ready, Ignite and Strike, as well as the Tableau Conference 2016. Her private students range from lawyers to teachers to medical professionals, and more.