Seattle Voice Academy has all kinds of ways you can learn voiceover, whether you are just taking a peak, want to dive in, or have a ton of experience and want ongoing professional training.

Here are your choices:

Workshops (six weeks, sometimes a weekend, occasionally one day)

These classes are normally held at our studios in Seattle. Due to social distancing, this has opened up our workshops to people who live all over the world. All the these classes are “in person”, through online Zoom sessions.  Should social distancing recommendations change, we’ll revisit holding class at our studios. In the meantime, these classes are EXTREMELY effective online. You learn just as much. You have just as much fun!

Link to our voiceover workshop page.

Online Academy (work at your own pace, at home)

Our online academy (click here to access) lets you work through certain courses in your own time, using a combination of worksheets and video. Some classes have a private coaching option. These classes are outstanding for folks who don’t have the time or ability to meet regularly during the times set up. We have courses at all levels in our online academy.