Weekly Kids Voice-over Workout Club

What a great way to get to play online each week with new VO scripts!

Ages 8 (reading pretty well)  to 17 years.

For these weekly workouts all of us, including the instructor will be on Zoom. You’ll get a meeting invitation and you’ll need to have the following ready to go:

  1. Computer
  2. Free Zoom account
  3. Microphone (does not need to be expensive, but it does need to be connected to the Zoom account).
  4. Camera — so that we can call see each other! They make webinar cameras or check to see if your computer has a camera built in.
  5. OcenAudio.com or Audacity.com to record the files (optional).

Each week you’ll have scripts emailed to you and we’ll have fun taking turns getting these scripts on their feet. No more than 12 kids in a Zoom workout with a professional voice artist instructor. All students will get a Zoom recording of the session too!

Join now – Just $25 a month – cancel at ANY time. You’ll be billed only for the current month you cancel in.

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