Resonance! Learn how to immediately impact your sound for Voiceover Auditions. (webinar)

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Join us on your smart phone or in the comfort of your home studio.

“Thank you!! I just did an audition and I definitely heard a difference!! Yippee!!!!” — Erica Risberg, Voice Actor, Portland

If you are not warming up, then you are not using your voice to it’s fullest potential.  And these are not your standard warm ups. Learn a set of great warmups you can use every day from Shana Pennington-Baird, Seattle-based vocalist who has been warming up for both marathon voiceover gigs and 8-show musical theatre weeks for years.  You will also learn the tips and tricks for what to do when you wake up with the dreaded cold/allergies/other vocal maladies.


(You will receive a copy of the full webinar, even if you have a conflict during the live webinar.)