Story Ideas for the Media

Artificial Intelligence Voices

  • Three reasons we need to Siri and Alexa to have male counterparts
  •  Why real voices will still matter, even after the robots sound human.


 Vocal Health

  • Three reasons your voice hurts after you teach all day.
  • Ways to recover emotionally after a vocal health injury. How performers get back on their feet after surgery or prolonged absence from singing.
  • I didn’t know warming up was important — or even how to warm up at all.



  • Voiceover talents working from home are now expected to do everything — they have to act, direct themselves, build quality home studios and all the editing. That’s a lot of hats.
  • Huge online casting sites are causing voiceover talent to make a lot less money. But the heads of these big casting sites are bringing in major dollars.



  • Online training? How do you know if you are getting quality instruction?
  • What does it take to audition and perform on a TV show like America’s Got Talent or the Voice?


Public Speaking

  • Politics and the voice. Why do our politicians sound so bad after campaigning for a few months? Are they permanently damaging their voices In many cases, yes!
  • Why are TED Talks to terrifying to give, yet gratifying?