Public Speaking


We help businesses train employees to effectively communicate. We help your employees connect with the audience, learn to “read” the audience, and keep them throughout the talk.

Skills we teach include:

  • Equipment technique
  • What to wear
  • How to enter the room
  • Best ways to engage the entire audience through different learning styles

If you would like us to come to your workplace, please send us a message or call us today.

Rates for small business (or small business groups)– 20 employees or less:

  • $750 for a half-day workshop
  • $1200 for a full-day workshop
  • $160 per hour for one-on-one coaching

Private Coaching

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At the Seattle Voice Academy we offer private coaching and referrals to other private coaches in the Puget Sound area.  Depending on your individual goals, we can help you find the right teacher.

In our studios in Georgetown, we offer:

  • One-on-one Public Speaking Coaching
  • Dialect Adjustment
  • Voice coaching for everyday life

Contact us today to book a session at $85 an hour or to talk more by phone.

The Seattle Voice Academy specializes in effective communication. We help employees, managers and CEOs increase effectiveness by working on a wide range of public speaking concepts, including how to correctly use microphones; how to read from teleprompter and still sound natural; and how to recapture an audience whose attention may be drifting.

Classes and workshops include:
*Effective Public Speaking – technique and practice
*Designing the Persuasive Talk – 4 styles
*Teleprompter Coaching
*Accent and Dialect Adjustment – helping employees be understood and retain their culture


Dialect Adjustment

Professionals who have relocated to America often find themselves challenged at the workplace despite having conversed in English all their lives. One might often encounter the request – “Say that again?!”, leading to confusion and doubt.

So what’s wrong? Well, nothing… and something! While the education around the English language is primarily the same (barring the regional colloquialisms), the mouth movement of those brought up with an American English accent differs from those brought up in other cultures. This creates different phonetics and leads to lack of clear pronunciation from an American perspective.

This can, in turn, impact individuals from reaching their maximum potential, and achieving success.

Clear speech is essential for success in today’s global workforce.  Clear communication is invaluable.  Clients hire organizations whose employees communicate with clarity, confidence, and ease.

For both the speaker and the listener, the fear of misunderstandings can halt the flow of information and create serious barriers to productivity

Maybe your employees feel discouraged by the constant need to repeat themselves. Perhaps they avoid giving  input during team meetings because they anticipate being misunderstood.

At the Seattle Voice Academy, we teach can work directly with your employees to help them be comfortable in the workplace.