“I would jump on any opportunity to enroll in any SVA Voice Over class, as I appreciate the professionalism in content and delivery, and know that by far there is no better option for such instruction, with regard to price, expertise, convenience, and customer service. SVA exceeds all other Voice Over options  I have researched (and there have been many) and you will always be the first place I look for instruction and coaching, and the first recommendation I make for others looking into Voice Over. Thanks you for your dedication. It does not go unnoticed. “

Dave Tucker, VO II, 2018

“I am so grateful for this class! I’m so excited about the path before me. Shana so eloquently and completely, provided the road map. Not just generally, but with agility she personalized it for each one of us. If a student came to this class with a true desire for a career in voice over, they left with nothing in their way. I recommend the work at Seattle Voice Academy with my whole heart.”

Melanie, Freelance 101: Creating Your VO Roadmap, November 2017

“The booking system was easy. I found it straightforward and it worked efficiently.  The VO II workshop was excellent – it is rare to find such a great combination of content breadth and superb teaching. The class helped me deepen my understanding of concepts and practices I learned in the VO I workshop at Freehold. The small class size also provided the opportunity for me to identify specific areas where I wanted to improve my understanding and skills.  In addition to being truly educational, it was also fun and scary (in the best possible way). I had a great time and will take more classes at SVA. Thanks so much for what you do. I’m signing up for your Voice-over Freelance 101 class later this evening, so (as long as there’s still room) I will see you soon!”

Courtney, VO II Student, April 2017

“It’s always a pleasure to collaborate with Seattle Voice Academy with our voice-over clients. In working with Seattle Voice Academy, you can always count on receiving the utmost, top-tier quality audio files post-recording. Our clients are always pleased and continue to request their services through our talent agency. We even have a client based in Texas who requests their services regularly so their services and great reputation extend far beyond the Seattle/Portland entertainment market.”

Tiffany Talent, November 2017


“I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the workshop. I found that at times I was just overwhelmed. The reality set in as to how much work it would be. But I left feeling that I might be up to it—-it is always just put one foot in front of the other.   Shana–I did realize later that there is no reason I couldn’t set up the PVC sound booth just where I planned to build the other one. Duh… You were very inspiring about the business and technical end of things. As I review what we did, I so appreciate the instruction on creating and setting characters–I can see miles to go with that… I am so looking forward to putting effort into this project–hopefully this phase of my life. Talk to you soon and thanks again!!! All my best,”

Valerie, 2016 Audiobook Narration student

“I didn’t know what to expect. Shana had been referred by a fellow actor. I was looking for basics … breathing, projection, resonance … and, most important to me, just letting go. Fear is a very big issue with me and the search for the right person to take me on this journey was critical. Too many past failures to find that “right” coach and partner made me leery of taking another venture. It was a great first session. I am greatly encouraged.”

Jim Patrick, singing student, February 2018