Work at Your Own Pace – Online Courses

SVA Online E-Learning is here!

Our goal at the Seattle Voice Academy is to provide exceptional learning opportunities for you. When I was starting out, I had a small child and making it to in person workshops was really tough. I needed online learning. And not a webinar that was live during dinner! I needed to study when I had time. I needed THIS! And we are hoping you do too.

90-minute Mini-Courses on the following topics:

  • Travel kits – take your VO with you when you travel
  • Vocal Health
  • All about Agents
  • Home Studio – Basics
  • Editing – why taking the full editing class is SO important. A quicker guide to what you need to know.

All webinars were created in April / May 2020. We update our online content quarterly to keep them up to date in a VERY fast paced and changing world. These mini-courses are available for you to watch on your own on your time table.

Also, you are welcome to email questions from the mini-courses directly to our staff if you have questions following the courses.

$39 for each course or bundle all five of them for $150


Editing Best Practices Course

You need to know how to edit. If you are “hoping” that your editing skills are good enough, they probably are not. And it’s costing you work. Your audition is up against EVERYONE in LA, London and NYC who DO know how to edit. So it really matters.

This class is taught by an actor (Shana) who knows ONLY what she needs to know to get the file edited. She will teach best practices to save you time and help your files sound professional. All of it from her home studio. In simple, understandable language. You watch on your own time at home.

Here’s what you learn:


  • How to set levels so that editing is easier.
  • How to determine your noise floor so that editing is easier.
  • How to clean up your raw file (shown in multiple DAW- digital audio workstations).
  • How to remove mouth noise and unwanted clicks.
  • How to work with loud breaths.
  • How to apply additional clean up with plugins. (Not too much here… since this gets more advanced than the scope of this course).
  • How to save your files. And find them later. (This matters more than you think.)
  • How to send your files.

What this course does not teach:

  • How to interpret copy.
  • Mic technique (beyond setting optimal levels).
  • How to find work.
  • What equipment to buy.
  • How to set up a home studio. The class touches on noise floor/reflection but just barely.

$350 – payment plans — and includes a Zoom session and instructor feedback to check your work.

$250 – payment plans — online class only.

It’s ready to go! CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

VO Basics – Learn a little bit before investing in a career

Have you heard a little bit about this profession and want to know more before diving all the way in with a six-week workshop? This short intro course will walk you through the changes in the industry, let you know more about home studios and give you tips on how to get started in any of the different VO worlds — including audiobooks, animation, video games, commercial work, eLearning and more.



Freelance 101: How to Create Your VO Roadmap and Know What To Do Every Day to Get Work.


Here’s a sample of the workbook, which will be accompanied by videos and lectures.

Here at the studio, it’s a five-hour lecture class.
Now, you can watch it during the free hours you have from home, use the workbook for each activity. And you’ll have access to the course for life — which we will be updating quarterly, since we all know that the voice over industry changes as fast as a Twitter feed these days. This class will always be changing.

Home Studios and How to Build One 


Intro to Audiobooks