Ongoing Professional Support

There are a lot of membership programs out there for voiceover… and everything else. For us to consider it, we needed it to be HELPFUL so that you can build your career with support.

So we gave it a lot of thought… and we want to offer the following for $50 per month.
  • Microphone lending library WHAT??!! Yup. We have a lot of mics, we are getting more, and with your membership, you may check out mics, interfaces, etc, try them at home in your space and return them to us. This is for anyone who needs to determine the best mic for their space or may want to trade up and try it out first.
  • Zoom Voiceover Workout Sessions All you need is a computer that has an internal mic. Or… you can use your home studio if it’s set up. These are once a week, drop-in sessions to work on two pieces of copy with other students and a coach. One hour per week from your home. And it’s great practice for directed sessions from your home studio. Your membership includes 4 work-outs per month.
  • Audition support. Send up to four auditions a month for us to give direct feedback. We’ll need 8 hours to get back to you. Not good for last-minute auditions.
  • Discounts at SVA and other partners. We are still building these partnerships — most likely 10-15% off. So if you take a class, you could get $40 (or more) off class… making the membership worthwhile…
  • 50% off online courses. Freelance 101, Home Studios, Intro to Audiobooks (value… $50-$200 per course.. new ones are coming too…)
  • Social Improv nights once per month! Munchies, libations, and a chance to train that inner five-year old that you need for voice-over. Scared of improv? We promise to make it fun, easy-going and there will be food, right??!! (value- $75-$100 per event)
Join today.