Home Studios – What You Need Right Now (affordably)

Voice artists with home studios are still working right now. We are working in our padded boxes that we created in our homes, some of us years ago. For those of you just starting out in this business, or those of you who have been going into professional studios, this is the time to build out a home studio, affordably. Key word – affordably.

SVA wants to be honest with you. Voiceover has been hit by the current economic events too. We are not promising that there is plentiful work out there, but, there is work. E-Learning, medical narration, audiobooks are going to grow. Commercial is definitely down, but not gone. Animation is shut down right now. Video games are a mix. Now is probably not the time to look for a new agent, but those times will come back.

Here is a FREE checklist for building a home studio that you can download.

Free Home Studio Checklist 2020

Here is an affordable online course to help you build — including a manual from the person who built our Director’s home studio and the SVA physical studios in Georgetown. Click here. Use COUPON: CRAZYTIMES50 to help reduce the price. Here’s the link to the online course. Note – this is not a live class, it’s work at your own pace online.

Here is a tour of Shana’s home studio (Coming shortly…)

Here is a tour of the SVA studios. 

If you get stuck, we can help, A LOT. Email shana@seattlevoiceacademy.site if you have specific questions. Her husband, Ben Baird is also available to help you with your studio. He built the above studios. Currently he is laid off from the 5th Ave Theatre in downtown Seattle. We have super affordable private coaching rates with Ben too. And it does not matter where you live. We can use online Zoom sessions to help you out.

Stay safe out there and take care of each other.

Shana Pennington-Baird and Ben Baird (and Maddie, our 9-year old)