Demo Reels

The Seattle Voice Academy produces professional demo reels.  We will make sure that you, and your agent, are happy with the results.  The current trend for demo reels is approx. :60 for each voice-over niche.

Please note that we do not produce all types of demo reels. We specialize in Commercial, Video Game, Audiobook, and eLearning demo reels. We are happy to provide you with referrals for other types of demos. And… we recommend that you always listen to multiple demos from any demo producer before your commit to purchase, including us.

Video Game and Character

Neal Akins

Ashley Klassen (teen)


Shana Pennington-Baird


Dave Tucker

Bradetta Vines

Brandon Kinney

Siobhan Gross (kid)

  • Step One: SVA staff will meet with you to assess what kind of copy and which VO genres best fit your voice. Your demo producer will write copy specific to you. No one’s demos should sound like anyone else’s.  If you’re also a writer, do consider writing some of your own copy!
  • Step Two: Help you with vocal and/or speech issues you’re curious or concerned about.  If you’re interested in character voices, we also teach a really fun system for creating a wide variety of voices in a short about of time.
  • Step Three: Rehearse your reel with you.  We record these rehearsals, listen back to them, tweak anything that needs tweaking, and then do it again…and again…and again. Limit 3 hours of sessions. This includes reviewing your rehearsal mp3’s online and giving feedback via mp3.
  • Step Four: Direct you during the recording session.
  • Step Five: Edit the reel after music and sound effects are added, until we are satisfied with the final product.
  • Cost: $850 for eLearning and audiobook narration. $1200 for commercial demos, $1450 for video game demos.  Payment plans accepted. The cost difference is due to the amount of sound design required for the demo type.