Online Voice Education

Here are some great resources for you to learn from your home, at your own pace.  



Pat Fraley

Study at your own pace with Patrick Fraley.

Patrick has guided more performers into meaningful voice over careers than anyone in the history of VO Instruction. As a performer, he has created voices for over 4,000 characters, placing him in the top ten of all time to be cast in animated TV shows. 



And he has free resources as well:



Edge Studio

Edge Studio has a wealth of information on their site.  They have an extensive script library, weekly podcasts and more to help you succeed.




Global Voice Acting Academy



This online school offers workshops, coaching and a rate guide that can help all of us.  Have a camera ready in your studio -- these workshops are great networking.


Larry Hudson Voiceover Workouts

This is NOT COACHING (it is not a replacement for great coaching from a qualified coach). We are a group of dedicated voiceover artists that come together to work out and support one another. The intent for the Workouts is for us to continue to hone our skills and “BOOK”... that is, to continue to be or become great “BOOKERS”.

From the experience of those of us who have worked out together this way for over 4 years, it is clear we have created a special community to rely on. We share information with one another coaching tips we have received, jobs, technical advice and recommendation, all of it. We are clear that while receiving is a great thing, the power and growth comes from the giving as well, and this is that opportunity.

Here is Larry's full site-- he also teaches great Audacity classes.

#VoiceStrong – VO Agent Alliance

Learn from a bunch of VO Agents who want to keep you informed about what's changing in the industry. Led by Erik Sheppard of Sheppard Agency.

VO Agent Alliance



Great Video Blog from Erik Sheppard

Irreverent and hysterical. Worth watching to stay engaged in the ever-changing VO field.

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