Audio Support

Setting up a home studio, producing “broadcast quality files” and making sure you sound your best is not easy. But there is plenty of help available.

If you need help from your home studio: (Audiobook Creation Exchange — part of will review your audiobook sample for free.

More details coming soon…

Edge Studio has a great “tech check” program.


New Program from Edge Studio— $97 (through Jan 2016) to send in three files and consult directly with George Whittam.


And Seattle has wonderful local sound engineers.  If you are interested in working directly with a local sound engineer, please email us at contact@seattlevoiceinstitute and we’ll put you in touch with someone who can help with your exact needs.  Often, they can do this remotely.

Local Studios:


This is where we do the bulk of our recording.  The staff at Jack Straw Cultural Center are wonderful, professional and their non-profit mission is outstanding.  If you need to do a quick audition, this is a great place to do it.

These guys are pros.  This is where Nintendo records.  Fantastic studio.

And… have you ever wanted to learn more about sound…. check out this article….

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