Professional Development

Acting and Improv Resources

Unexpected Productions – Improv training

Freehold Theatre  – acting classes

Mighty Tripod Productions – acting coaching and film coaching


National Networking Opportunities:

VO Atlanta  –  Voice-over annual conference– Spring

APA– Audiobook Publishers Association –  New York – annually – May

That’s Voiceover – New York – November (hosts Voice Arts Awards)



Northwest Networking Opportunities:

VO Meetup Group in Seattle

Huge kudos and thank you to Magpie McLaurin for setting up this group.  We are 76 members and growing.  We meet the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month.


Non-profit Group dedicated to Voice-Over:

This is a new non-profit that is helping fight the battle for ethical behavior in the voice-over world.  Check them out and JOIN!!!


Legal Assistance:

BWR Consulting

We highly recommend getting your contracts looked over by a Washington attorney.  Brent Williams-Ruth is local to Seattle and knows our state’s laws.  Protect yourself.  We recommend this for any voice-over work you do on your own without an agent.  Don’t work on a handshake deal.


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